Lunches & Lunchtime

Children sit down, usually outside, during lunch eating time from 12:30 to 12:45.

Often this time is longer than 15 minutes to allow children to finish eating. Little ones especially don’t like to remain seated after the bell has gone, and frequently they leave most of their lunch uneaten. You could help by explaining to your child that he/she should remain seated until such time as they have had sufficient to eat.

We encourage children to eat what they have been given, but ask them to take home what they can’t finish so you can discuss it with them, and make any alterations you feel necessary.

Every Friday, or the last school day of each week, children may purchase their lunches through the school. For our current menu and order process click here


We are taking up the challenge and trying to reduce or remove the waste from our lunch boxes.

We often see glad wrap, muesli bar wrappers, chip packets and more floating around our school grounds. It is unsightly and adds to the mountains of rubbish entering landfills every day around the world.

We want to encourage the use of small re-usable containers instead of packets and wrap. The key is to buy large and repack. We provide rubbish bins for all wet goods e.g. yoghurt containers etc, and a ‘pig bin’ for food scraps. All other litter that comes to school e.g. paper and wrappers, will be coming back home in their lunchbox or bag.

Let’s work together to educate and encourage our future generation!




Friday Lunches

The PTA offers school lunches every Friday (unless notified).

The lunch order is selected by writing the number of items on the order form against the item required, then placing the form, with money in a ziplock bag (correct change wherever possible is appreciated).CONSTIT

The order forms can be printed (as below) and then cut to single order forms, or they can be picked up with ziplock bags from the school office. The form and money in the ziplock bag is then placed in the marked box in the foyer of the school office before 9am on the Friday. Any change and replacement forms when requested are sent home with your child in the ziplock bag. All proceeds from school lunches go to the PTA.


Lunch Order Form