We welcome cultural diversity at Waerenga School.

We are a small school with typically 10% maori/pacifica students.

Waerenga School’s curriculum recognises the unique position of Maori within New Zealand society and the importance of the Treaty of Waitangi.

It provides students with experiences and understandings in cultural traditions, language and local and national histories. The Te Ao Marama Arts Company runs a Kapa Haka programme for all students Year 4 to 6. Te reo is an integrated part of learning in the junior classes. Waerenga School also recognises and values the uniqueness of other cultures and religions represented at this school.

We also encourage the Arts. On Tuesdays, a local music teacher comes to the school and takes lessons for students to learn the piano, keyboard, guitar or ukulele. We have staff with skills in music, art and dance and one of the highlights in our school year is the end-of-year concert.