Outdoor education provides a unique experience that few other activities can rival. It gives our students an opportunity to develop initiative, resourcefulness and a better self-awareness. Furthermore, it stimulates an appreciation of the environment and broadens the horizons of our students.

Our Education Outside The Classroom programme provides an opportunity for students to:

  • develop self-awareness and confidence in their own abilities;

  • increase their personal fitness level;

  • develop and practice a diverse range of skills;

  • increase awareness of the environment and

  • enjoy the social and personal benefits of interaction with others.

It is difficult to overstate the benefits of a well-planned outdoor education programme on the health, happiness, character and growth of our emerging adolescents. Outdoor education not only promotes self-reliance and teamwork, but also affords a sense of community that embraces the whole school. We believe it improves group relationships, with the students becoming more caring and thoughtful of others. Students demonstrate a sense of their own achievement and are supportive and appreciative of their classmates' achievements.

Waerenga School uses opportunities to extend student learning outside of the classroom – Education Outside The Classroom.

We endeavour to give students positive learning experiences beyond the school environment providing opportunities such as school camps and educational day trips.

Yr 5-6 Senior camp typically goes to Papamoa for a city experience (3 days) one year, and then to Kauaeranga Valley for a week the following year. We have a full school walk every couple of years on one of the forestry tracks.

We look at using facilities outside the school – e.g. Art Galleries, emergency services and Theatres and will take the opportunity to visit exhibitions. For example, the school recently went to see Leonard da Vinci’s exhibition at the Waikato Museum.

EOTC programmes provide students with access to hands-on experiences that are not available inside the classroom. They offer unique and stimulating learning opportunities that support your child’s learning and achievement.

These programmes are aligned with the National Curriculum.

These pages suggest ways you can assist your child’s school to maximise learning and safety during EOTC experiences.

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