About Us

Waerenga is a farming locality in north Waikato, 14km north east of Te Kauwhata. Waerenga means ‘a clearing in the bush’ and refers to the kahikatea dominant forest that once covered much of the Waerenga area.

Local Marae

Waerenga School has associated themselves with the Taniwha Marae. We have Tamariki from Taniwha Marae at our Kura and continue to build partnerships with local Iwi.

This is located about 10km from the school. We aim to head to the Marae around Matariki and enjoy the festivities of the time. 

There are other local Marae such as Waikare and Okaeria. The Iwi for Waikato is Tainui and our local history can be related back to the Rangiriri Pa and the local Marae.


Waerenga School has had a number of schools combine over time to form what we have today;

Waipuna Valley (1926-1939), Jefferis School (1892-1900), Taniwha School (1902-1962), Okaeria (1912-1968) and, recently, students from the now closed Waiterimu School.

The Library on the Waerenga Site is the original school building, which opened in 1881. Room 3 is the old Okaeria school building. It was moved onto its present site after its closure in December 1968.  At this stage the Administration building, Room 1 and 2 were also on the site.  Since 1995, Rooms 4 and 5 have been added as well as 2 playgrounds, walkways, astrograss and the heated pool.

Community Groups

For more information on the following groups, please contact;

Waerenga Playgroup

Amy Balfour

Waerenga (War Memorial) Church

Christine Goodin